Devotedly, Virginia


A Commissioned Biography

“If this biography inspires even one young woman standing on the threshold of adulthood to strive for grace and excellence of character, to succeed beyond the world’s milder and more ordinary expectations, to become ‘more like Virginia,’ then my book will have succeeded far beyond its prescribed scope.” So writes author Melissa Pritchard in the preface to Devotedly, Virginia: The Life of Virginia Galvin Piper. Virginia Galvin Piper committed herself to the challenge, reward and vocation of philanthropy, transforming the gift of a single life into an enduring humanitarian legacy. With profound generosity, she led others to realize and to act upon the greatness and charity within themselves. Stewardship was a powerful impulse in Virginia G. Piper’s life. She believed she was a steward—that the money Paul Galvin left in her care was for the benefit of the community and the work of God. Through the establishment of The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust and the dedicated work of its trustees, Virginia’s legacy thrives, illumined by her signature spirit of intelligent stewardship graced by a noble heart.


“Mrs. Piper’s life and values have been an example to many people.”
-Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix

“The book is truly incredible and a fabulous testament to her life and legacy. The care and time and attention to detail that went into its production are obvious.”
-Joan Squires, former President and CEO, Phoenix Symphony

“An excellent biography….a delight to read. I met [Virginia Piper] a few times but did not know her. Now I do and I like very much what I learned.”
-Sandra Day O’Connor, former Justice, U.S. Supreme Court